Hi, I’m daniel


Who i am

Since I was a boy, I have always been fascinated by new technologies, an interest that has drawn me closer to the world of electronics. Over the years, these interests have driven me to make significant advancements on my own, leading me to create my first electronic board and program microcontrollers.
After dedicating a few years to my studies and working as an electronics technician and electromechanical maintenance specialist, I expanded my skills by venturing into the digital realm. I specialized in web backend/frontend development and system integration. For several years now, this has been my primary profession.


AWS, Docker, WordPress

BackEnd skills

NodeJS, NextJS, Mulesoft, Java, PostgreSQL

frontend skills

ReactJs , React Native, VueJs


Are you looking for a solution to merge various data sources efficiently? I can assist you in integrating your business data. I’ll transform data chaos into a coherent and precise view, ensuring that your decisions are always backed by reliable information. I will synchronize and migrate data between various systems, creating automated procedures to optimize your operational management.


Your online presence is essential for the success of your project. I will create highly responsive websites that best reflect your brand’s identity. If you wish to start online sales, I’ll develop an e-commerce platform that will attract potential customers and facilitate the sales process. I will optimize your online visibility through advanced SEO strategies and tools that will amplify your reach to a broader audience.


Do you have an idea for a custom web application? I develop tailor-made web apps to meet your needs, combining creativity and functionality, and creating an engaging and intuitive user interface. The solutions I will develop will not only satisfy your current needs but will also be ready to evolve with your project.


Explore the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) with customized solutions. I will design and implement IoT solutions that allow remote monitoring and management of your devices. The data generated by your IoT devices will be analyzed to reveal valuable insights, providing you with a strategic edge in today’s market.

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